Hulu Buys Back AT&T’s Stake at $15B Valuation

AT&T has sold its 9.5% stake in Hulu, acquired through its Time Warner deal, back to Hulu for $1.43 billion.. The transaction valued Hulu at $15 billion.The fact that it was sold to Hulu, and not Disney (which had negotiated for months to acquire it), is significant.

When Disney beat out Comcast for Fox’ entertainment assets, thereby adding 30% to the 30% stake in Hulu it already owned, many assumed that Comcast would sell out. It had mixed feelings about the economics behind streaming content, and lack of control over an increasingly expensive proposition. Hulu lost $1.5 billion last year, according to a Comcast 10K.

But earlier this year NBCU CEO Steve Burke said his company wasn’t planning to exit Hulu anytime soon.

Disney sees Hulu as one cornerstone of its planned streaming service, Disney Plus. Comcast, which is also planning its own streaming entry, probably sees Hulu as a platform for its own content, and also as an experiment it needs to be part of. If streaming is the future, its an existential threat to Cable’s existing business model.

But we’ll see how the crowded streaming market gets, and how it holds up.

One question that remains to be answered is whether Cable’s Docsis model will be needed in the future, or will become irrelevant and replaced by IP delivery.

Publicis to buy Epsilon

Publicis announces $4.4 billion deal to acquire data marketing company Epsilon https://t.co/1yk04m69oQ— Tom Paine (@phillytechnews) April 14, 2019

In my first job out of B school, one of our founders passed around a red herring (prelim to an S-1) for Epsilon and said, “thats what we ought to be”. But we failed to develop any thing like that. Should have just bought it. Would have been just a small acquisition for my company at the time

philly enterprisetech highights 4/13

TechCrunch’s first story on Uber (then UberCab) way back in 2010 by @Leenarao https://t.co/a5AfMZ3bH3— Lucas Matney (@lucasmtny) April 12, 2019

+1. Highly recommend this plan. @visitphilly https://t.co/bCHSla0v92
— PhillyForce (@PhillyForce) April 13, 2019

Why is Safeguard Scientifics on a planned path to its demise:?
— Tom Paine (@phillytechnews) April 13, 2019

Analyst: Verizon Should Partner with Charter, Comcast on Wireless Infrastructure https://t.co/0gNwt71610
— Tom Paine (@phillytechnews) April 13, 2019

T-Mobile relaunches Layer3 TV service as TVision Home https://t.co/uYwZZMHgts via @Verge
— Tom Paine (@phillytechnews) April 12, 2019

Amazon boss snubs ‘expensive’, ‘sub-optimal’ relational databases. Here’s looking at you, Larry https://t.co/bv1vlPwlVl
— The Register (@TheRegister) April 12, 2019

#TBT: Muni Wi-Fi in Philly; mobile gaming grows; AOL adds VoIP … this week in 2005 https://t.co/E4GP172a9V via @rcrwirelessnews
— Tom Paine (@phillytechnews) April 12, 2019

Who Will Win? https://t.co/mLExtnztDB?
— Tom Paine (@phillytechnews) April 12, 2019


“After I started buying it, I felt I still didn’t understand the business. Particularly after my experience with IBM, I don’t think I understand exactly where the cloud is going.”

Waren Buffett, on unloading hia Oracle shares, finds himself in company with Oracle and IBM .

Sungard Availability Is Said to Prepare Bankruptcy Filing https://t.co/DoWUD66YKk

April 4, 201

Comcast and Independence Health Group joint venture Quil Health names a CEO https://t.co/GdVvKvBW7e

Ariba Live 2019: SAP Ariba, SAP Fieldglass Joining Forces and Other News https://t.co/z4SpYEAntX #prime #feedly April 3, 2019

Exclusive: Amazon moving thousands of employees out of Seattle, relocating key division to nearby city https://t.co/V4zwJFlHEY #prime #feedly —) April 3, 2019

Accenture Interactive’s CEO says its acquisition of Droga5 will give the consulting firm more than just a creative agency (ACN) https://t.co/TZd2GmNiDHApril 4, 2019

Wayne’s Evolve IP acquires startup that uses AI to transcribe calls https://t.co/MS0LcJtAY9April 2, 2019

Amid its breakneck expansion, WeWork finds that banks need more convincing https://t.co/Ql8IdESCOiApril 1, 2019

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