Esther Surden is Publisher & Editor of New Jersey Tech Weekly, the website she recently founded. Esther is a veteran journalist who has written about the business of technology as well as how technology works for more than 30 years.

She is also a contributor at and author of the blog Tech and the Baby Boomer at Esther holds a M.S. in publishing from Pace University.
At the beginning of her career, Esther worked for Auerbach Publishing compiling Auerbach Computer Technology Reports at a fascinating time in the computer industry. She helped write reports about how modems worked and compiled statistics about some of the first microcomputers. Esther learned how to write about and follow technology working under her mentor Jean Bartik, an industry pioneer who helped program the Eniac at the University of Pennsylvania.

She later worked for the Philadelphia-based Institute for Scientific Information. Esther has written for Computerworld and several other leading computer industry publications, covering the minicomputer era, the rise of the PC, the Internet, and mobile devices.

Esther is an occasional contributor to Philly Tech News, providing coverage of important statewide technology issues in New Jersey as well as reports on tech developments in South and Central Jersey.