Mueller's office refutes BuzzFeed story on Trump telling Cohen to lie to Congress

Tom Paine

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Special Consul Mueller's office issued a statement tonight totally denying the existence of evidence mentioned in a BuzzFeed article that concluded Trump had instructed Michael Cohen to lie to Congress.

Unless there's some halfway point that BuzzFeed can find to say there is something to these allegations, the web publication should be completely discredited in the eyes of reasonable people.

The problem is that Buzzfeed, which has been valued at $1.5 billion, largely on the legs of two $200 million investments by Comcast, has no place to go. Before its financial problems became more evident, it had been widely assumed BuzzFeed would end up becoming a part of the Comcast / NBCU family. See the article from today's Guardian on BuzzFeed's current business problems.

NBC has had its own newsroom credibility problems, so its not as if it could straighten out BuzzFeed's direction.

Comcast would do well by either bringing down whatever power it can upon BuzzFeed, or else promptly seek to unwind its investment as soon as possible.

Its bad for the Comcast and NBC brands, and bad for the business.

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