Philly Enterprise Tech Daily Page 9/20: "One City", FanDuel welshes, Amazon & WaWa,

Tom Paine

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Philadelphia"s new "One City" financial information system, running on Oracle's E-Business Suite.  is expected to go live by year's end. "One City" will replace and integrate several functions that have always been separate since ancient times, including payroll, human resources, pensions, benefits and timekeeping.

However, given Philly's track record with new systems, and problems with municipal systems in general, One will be holding its breath until there are signs of success.

FanDuel temporarily messed up on the recalculation of odds for its New Jersey sports book, meaning that a gentleman who should have had a small payoff was suddenly an $82,000 winner. But FanDuel refused to pay out, instead offering $500 and three tickets to a Giants game, which may turn out to be worthless.

What usually happens to those who welsh on their bets in New Jersey?

Amazon is considering opening 3,000 Amazon Go Convenience Stores by 2021 , something that should give existing competitors pause. WaWa would likely continue to dominate it traditional home territory, but this could put other areas up for grab. Hey, a thought: Why doesn't Amazon speed up its expansion by acquiring WaWa?

EIR Healthcare, a company based in New York & Philly, has created a modular 'hospital room in a box' named " MedModular". It would allow for hospital expansion that would be less expensive and more rapid, the company says. The room model will be unveiled at an event in the Philadelphia area sometime in October.